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>>> mitt romney disavows obama care. is it the same health care plan the former governor sold to massachusetts? i will talk to the architect of both plans in minutes. >>> the president's meeting with the leader of iraq. exactly what kind of military help is that country seeking from the u.s., and will it happen? >>> in office politics, down to its last days? i talked to cnbc's carl quintanilla about the problems with blackberry. >>> and how much money could this work of art fetch? it's in today's list of number ones. >>> hello, everyone. it's high noon here in the east, 9:00 a.m. out west. welcome to "weekends with alex witt." he's back with a whole lot to say. mitt romney on today's "meet the press," talking about the comparisons between romney care in massachusetts and obama care. >> and perhaps the most important lesson the president failed to learn was you have to tell the american people the truth. what when he told the american people you could keep your health insurance if you wanted to keep that plan, period, he said that time and again, he wasn't telling the truth. i
weigel, and peter sutterman. i'll start with mitt romney seizing on the president's promises this morning on "meet the press". listen to what he said. >> perhaps the most important lesson the president i think failed to learn was you have to tell the american people the truth. and when he told the american people you can keep your plan if you wanted to, period, he said that time and again, he wasn't telling the truth. >> but you on that point -- >> i think that fundamental dishonesty has really put in peril the whole foundation of his second term. >> goldie, what is your take? >> i think that mitt romney and his wagon pulled in to the united states the last election and he was repuked by the voters not once, but twice. so the very notion that he has any credibility to talk about this affordable care act and the way that he has, i think is ludicrous. i think that the very same people who are the architects of his plan in massachusetts and the same people who were the architects of the affordable care act, so to say that they were different plans is ridiculous. >> dave, you've heard republi
. the president shortly will be in massachusetts. the very place where mitt romney was joined by ted kennedy in signing the 2006 health care overhaul bill for that state of massachusetts. our first read team and others, mitt romney had bipartisan support. the president does not. here we are four years later this four year war as the first read team has called over health care and the president if you will at the ground zero point trying to not necessarily take away from what's happened on capitol hill today but put the conversation what he believes on track. >> right, he is definitely trying to put the conversation on track. one thing today with stating as you said that he stands squarely behind kathleen sebelius, his embattled secretary, one reason is the politics to do that because he will show a sign of weakness for the system, aca big piece of his legacy of his presidency, will show up a bit of weakness if he were to let her go. when you talk about the war, there is a war. and some of what you saw today in the hearing, many of the gops asking questions of kathleen sebelius asked same que
out on tuesday, it's called "double down, game change, 2012." it says that mitt romney considered chris christie as his running mate but that his background was, quote, littered with potential land mines, kevin, we just talked about that a little bit. you were a top romney adviser back then. do you care to break a little news and tell us exactly why mitt romney did not choose chris christie as his running mate? >> the gossip is always about who they didn't pick and why. but the reality is if i could take you inside the campaign, governor -- governor romney chose the person that he thought would help him govern best, the person who he had the strongest rapport with. oftentimes we put a lot of formulaic reasons for why somebody wasn't picked or should be picked, but when it comes down to it the candidate themselves have to know they have a really strong relationship with the person who could be their vp and that they can help them govern. and i think -- to tell you the truth, i think governor romney had his heart set on paul ryan from the very beginning. he went through a very detai
on entitlements. let me play mitt romney. that 47%, they're terrible people. bunch of bums. >> really, a romney throwback? >> that's what this is about. >> i know you're in a tough position. >> what position? >> having to defend obamacare. >> i'm not defending. most people want obamacare toto work. they think republicans shouldsh stopou harassing the guy. >> we'd. why should we stop harassing the white house? they were intentionally deceitful, if you could keep your doctor.rass intentionally deceitful withth premiums not going up. now more people are enrolling in medicaid, which we at this table are going to be paying for and everybody watching. so why shouldn't we be able to give the white house a hard time? >> absolutely. especially when you're right. the democratic senator, max baucus, compared obamacare to humpty dumpty.e li it's more like humpty dump. that's why it's important that you just can't talk about the web site because the web site is part of this mountain of misery of obamacare, with the cancellations, employer mandate. the only thing that worked with obamacare was obama's golft
if it works out. >> absolutely. congressman peter welsh. thank you>>> mitt romney responds to health care. next is out of control but not for the reasons you might think. >>> plus, back to today's long- awaited obama care hearing, republican mike rogers blasting secretary sebelius on the issue of website security. >> you accepted a risk on behalf of every user of the computer that put their personal financial information at risk because you didn't have the most basic end to end test on security on this system. [ dennis ] it's always the same dilemma -- who gets the allstate safe driving bonus check. rock beats scissors! [ chuckles ] wife beats rock. and with two checks a year, everyone wins. [ female announcer ] switch today and get two safe driving bonus checks a year for driving safely. only from allstate. call 866-906-8500 now. [ dennis ] zach really loves his new camera. problem is...this isn't zach. it's a friend of a friend who was at zach's party and stole his camera. but zach'sot it covered... with allstate renters insurance. [ female announcer ] protect your valuables for as lo
states. he's speaking live during the show from boston, the birthplace of romney care. we heard i'm sorry from sebelius. we heard her refer to this as a debacle. do you think we'll hear a mea culpa from the president of the united states? >> i don't know. i'm in favor of political accountable. it seems like there's not much in washington these days when something goes wrong. >> on either side. >> and you have to give credit to sebelius for apologizing and taking responsibility. look, at the end of the day, the president is the president. he can't shirk responsibility. this is his program, the success. the success of his second term and his legacy will depend on getting this right. there's no point in him trying to pretend it's not his responsibility. he owns this and he knows it. i think on this question of the president and saying that if you want your insurance -- want to keep your insurance, you know, you can, this is really a major blunder by the administration in not sort of being more specific about this. this was a policy decision. they knew that roughly one or 2% of the population
, visit vwdealer.com today >>> during the 2012 presidential campaign, mitt romney had a problem. i mean, obviously mitt romney had a lot of problems, but he had one particular problem when he picked paul ryan who was nationally famous at that point for one thing, for being the budget guy who wanted to kill medicare. paul ryan released budget after budget after budget over a period of years that called for the dismantling of medicare. and mitt romney didn't want to be known as the presidential candidate wanting to kill medicare. so the romney camp came up with a solution, i'm rubber, you're glue solution. look, mitt romney claims president obama will end medicare. oh, he'll -- i see. problem solved. in politics, this is a classic. when you're getting attacked for something, just accuse your opponent of being guilty of the same thing. whatever the attack is, if it's sticking to you, just apply those words in a substantively meaningless way to whoever's saying it about you so it seems to start seem confusing to people or the words losing their meaning. it's in that tradition that last nigh
? jenna: very interesting. peter, thank you. jon: former republican presidential candidate mitt romney is taking aim at some consider president obama's broken campaign promise that americans who like their health insurance can keep it. >> whether you like the model of obamacare or not the fact that the president sold it on basis that was not true, has undermined the foundation of his second term. i think it is rotting it away. jon: talk about it with bob cusack, the managing editor of "the hill." it is interesting to watch the spin in washington. president obama could not have been more clear, bob, if you like your health care plan, you can keep it. if you like your doctor, you can keep him. said that over and over and over again. >> yeah. that's right. i mean, remember a the time the democrats, it was tough getting the votes. so they had to make a lot of promises. this one was clearly broken the way the president said it. 3.5 million people have now lost their plans. obviously some will get new plans but some of them, we've seen anecdotes they liked their plan even though it was not a
people? mitt romney thinks so. >> had the president been truthful and told the american people that millions would lose their insurance and there would have been such a hew and cry against it, it would not have passed. >> more from the president's former opponent on the shore. >> a college student missing for 36 hours is found trapped in a tiny crevice between two buildings. how is he found and how did he get there in the first place? we'll tell you what we know on this monday morning. >> a scary moment in the nfl when a coach collapses on the field in the middle of a game. what happened? will he be okay? why do we still have so many questions? "fox & friends" starts now. >> hi. i'm larry holmes. you're watching "fox & friends." a real knockout. >> thank you, larry. welcome aboard to the world's number one early morning cable news show. good morning to you. >> how unbelievable is it? two coaches go down in two days. how stressful is that job? >> it is stressful. there is a lot of pressure there. if it doesn't go well, they don't have thraeur job anymore. >> speaking of pressure
an intervention in last year's campaign and why there were pitfalls that led to mitt romney and a running mate with chris christie as a running mate. they're the one that wrote game change. we'll hear from them in their first interview. >> let's get right to today's top stories. new information about the shooter in the deadly attack at los angeles airport. miguel almaguer is at l.a.x. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. this is where it all happened inside terminal three. police say the suspect walked through the front door with a rifle and five magazine clips and opened fire. 23-year-old paul ciancia walked inside the terminal with this assault rifle, plenty of ammo, a plan to kill and a note for police. >> in that note, he indicated his anger and his malice, i would say, toward the tsa officers. >> reporter: according to a federal criminal complaint, ciancia fired multiple rounds at point blank range at officer gerardo hernandez. investigators said ciancia proceeded up an escalator, but when hernandez appeared to move, he returned to shoot him again. police say he shoots tony gri
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with the architect of both obama care and romney care. tweet us your questions using the hash tag sitroom. >>> lawmakers want to hear from survivors of the benghazi terror attack. why won't the white house let them appear before congress? new battle lines are being drawn on this front. >>> is obama care in any danger of actually collapsing? i will ask an expert who helped design it. tweet us your questions for the obama architect. [ chainsaw whirring ] humans -- sometimes life trips us up. sometimes we trip ourselves up. and although the mistakes may seem to just keep coming at you, so do the solutions. like multi-policy discounts from liberty mutual insurance. save up to 10% just for combining your auto and home insurance. call liberty mutual insurance at... [ thump ] to speak with an insurance expert and ask about all the personalized savings available for when you get married, move into a new house, or add a car to your policy. personalized coverage and savings. all the things humans need to make our world a little less imperfect. call... and ask about all the ways you could save. libe
to defend it and said, hey, look, they had problems here in massachusetts, but mitt romney's plan which turned out great and eventually it turned around. >> he took it to the mic to let the american people know the government -- not the american people -- the government knows what's best for them. and what's best for them is obamacare. take a listen. >> if you had one of these substandard plans before the affordable care act became law, and you really like that plan, you are able to keep it. that's what i said when i was running for office. that was part of the promise we made. but ever since the law was passed if insurers decided to downgrade or cancel these substandard plans, what we said under the law is you've got to replace them with quality comprehensive coverage because that too was a central premise of the affordable care act act from the very beginning. >> essentially saying if you like your plan and they changed the plan to something you shouldn't like, i will change it for you. first off on the qualifying statement, 60% of all of these exchanges only have one option across th
romney-care, an interesting way for the administration to push back, highlighting former governor mitt romney's health care plan which they say the modeled it on. >> it's lime christmas. the gifts keep coming. >> republicans are trying to say that even if the administration, as they now promise, can get the webs up and rung by the end of november, republicans say fixing the web site is just the tip of the iceberg. take a listen. >> the incompetence in building this web site is staggering. when i am talking to healthcare professionals and con state students, how can you expect the government to handle a sixth of the economy when there's this type of staggering incompetence on a web site rollout. >> that is one reason why secretary sebelius will be on he hot seat on saturday. she was a star of "saturday night live." a character was playing secretary sebelius, mocking the situation, and when you lose "saturday night live," that can put pressure on the white house. >> ed henry, thanks. >>> jail break in oklahoma. inmates on the run they're apparently escaped through the shower. and just wi
and that big boogie man about socialized medicine about romney care which is really what it wanted. obama said we won't have a single payer plan. so what happens is that if they demonize it enough, more people don't sign up. and they bury it. and they make the premiums rise. they make the cost rise. it is absolutely outrageous that they're trying to undermine this rather than make it work. give it a chance, make it google 1.2. make it 2.0. then if it fails, that's one thing. but here we've got to start at finally providing people who desperately need care and bringing down the costs of medical care. this is crazy. >> i want to bring in congressman g.k. butterfield, democrat from north carolina. congressman, morning. >> good morning. >> i think it has been fair to say it has been a horrible, terrible, very bad week for obama care and the rollout. you're on the committee that will question kathleen sebelius on wednesday. what does she have to say? how do you think the administration starts to turn this around? >> thank you for having me this morning. i think carl hit the nail on the head a momen
will be, kate, at faneuil hall, which mitt romney signed the massachusetts health care reform program into law. >> pretty interesting imagery. >> exactly. >>> let's move to the spyingen xadle that's rocking the nsa. testifying on capitol hill, top intelligence official said tracking foreign leaders, even allies, is a fundamental given. he said other countries absolutely spy on us. jim sciutto has been following the developments for us in washington. good morning, jim. >> incredible to see the heads of the most secretive organizations in the u.s. speaking out publicly and openly defending surveillance at home and abroad. they said emphatically the white house would have known of the spying but added the president might not have known of specific targets and they fought back hard against story line that the u.s. is the only country in the business of spying on its allies. after enduring weeks of accusations of spying overreach -- >> we want to report -- >> reporter: and even more in the hearing room. >> i'm going to say for the last time that the gentleman all the way on the left would
an aide. even worse was bill clinton's lavish praise for mitt romney's business experience, undercutting an obama attack line. >> a man who's been governor and had a sterling business career crosses the qualification threshold. >> reporter: but obama turned to bill for advice after his disastrous first debate and to deliver a stem-winder at the democratic convention. >> and you must re-elect president barack obama! >> reporter: as romney sought to balance his ticket, he toyed with choosing chris christie, but the authors report the new jersey governor was less than forthcoming about his medical history and past work as a lobbyist. the garden state governor's background was littered with potential land mines," the authors write. they respond that the christie aide got the romney camp to issue a statement, saying christie complied fully with all requests, including his medical report. the book, which goes on sale monday, is already setting off sparks for the next campaign. matt and savannah? i think you've got a big interview with the authors themselves on monday. >> that's right, andrea.
with mitt romney. remember, they tried every other person, every other republican got a shot at being number one, newt gingrich and hermann cane and rick perry. >> michele bachmann. >> but all even too ridiculous and lame for the tea party. but ted cruz is a harvard educated lawyer, he's not a dummy. >> allen told me a bright person. >> you can't under estimate it. he played it exactly right. he's their hero. he's the guy they think finally stood up to the establishment and did what he said and went to washington and blah, blah, blah so he's going to be very difficult to beat in the primaries. >> could it be him against chris christie? >> probably will be. >> who will prevail? >> you know, if it's the primary voters who vote every time, i think it will be ted cruz. chris christie may already be toast because during her can sane did, he put his arm around president blackenstein and put his arm around kenya kootties. >> what would he say about america if ted cruz was to win the presidency? >> you mean overseas? >> yeah, what would it mean for americas and america's reputation, do you think? >>
romney? people said i would love to hang out with obama. i can't see myself hanging out with mitt romney. that is not the leader you want. you're not only seeing likability go down by his favorability go down. people want a leader and we've seen this president break his promises time and time again. shovel-ready jobs are not shovel-ready yet. now, back then, 2009, 2012 he said we could keep the current health care plan. we could keep the current doctor. we're seeing that is not true. jon: that news is just breaking that will have a big effect on people's opinions. >> that he knew in 2010 that was wrong but president still went out and said you can keep your health policy, keep your current plan. that will not change anything. jon, it would not impact the deficit. would actually cut the deficit. jon: he is starting to take the heat from that. real quickly voters are saying pox on both your houses. people's opinions of the democratic party down at 43%. republican party at 30%. back a year ago, september of 2012, 50% liked the democrats, 43% liked republicans. so the republican party has ta
he made the point this obama care is very much like romney care and made a claim act potentially where some of these problems may have originated. let's listen. >> health care is complicated and it's very personal. and it's easy to scare folks. and it's no surprise that some of the same folks trying to scare people now are the same folks who have been trying to sink the the affordable care act from the beginning. >> i've got to say, katon, two, three weeks ago, y'all were shutting down the government so the people couldn't sign up, and now you're holding hearings because you're mad because people can't sign up. >> always surprised that this is another government program that spent $600 million and it didn't work. doesn't matter which one it is. >> this is a website. >> they're going to make it work. i got that. 18 months from now is when the whole story is going to be told electorally, and that's what's happening here. the president is articulating. i think the president has had some bad advice from his people. i told you earlier in the work rooms that his staff has probably diss
're trying implement a program that you worked hard with mitt romney to make sure it was side lined. didn't happen, so we have it. after yesterday's reveal, notes taken from the war room meeting after day one, there were six people across the country who were able to sign up. >> totally absurd. the rollout is much, much worse than i thought it would be. i thought it would be terrible. but i actually think it will get worse when it rolls out because when it rolls out, we're going find out that everybody is signing up for medicaid and it will bankrupt the program. the whole theory of this is that a lot of healthy young people were gog buy insurance and they're going to fund all that additional amount of money. that's not going to happen. more people will be taking government money. this program is going to be an absolute total disaster. not to mention all the insurance policies canceled, all the people whose freedom has been taken away about the doctor they can go to. >> who is hurting more by the rollout. you need 7 million people to sign up by march 1. you have people facing premiums or b
out this week claims mitt romney crossed christie off his running mates for failing to disclose a number of issues, including his health, though romney, himself, dismissed those concerns. >> with regards to his health, he provided his health records to us. it is solid, very good. there is not an issue there. chris could easily become our nominee and save our party and get this nation on the right track again. they don't come better tan chris christie. >> reporter: christie has been answering questions about his stop, a grueling campaign swing in the days leading up to tomorrow's election, as well as his steady weight loss. you will recall he had lap-band surgery. he did it in secret. we learned about it later. >> that was also about health, brianna, you know all of these things, you have to look at them. that's when you didn't read the tea leaves early enough. what do you think about the intrigue in beat the us with the hash the tag newday. >> today we are learning about a scary ordeal for a college student in new york city. he was stuck in a really tight space for days. a myste
was doing there. they're trying to compare it to mitt romney's situation oh so many years ago. in the early days people shopped around, talked to their spouse, and then they make a decision closer to january 1st. we'll see how all that pans out. but as you say, these early numbers are embarrassing. it's nothing short of embarrassing for the administration. day one, six people enrolled. and as you say, this is from the administration's own internal notes at the health and human services department. it was released by a republican critic, darrell issa, but he's getting information from the administration, and it's interesting because it may explain why kathleen sebelius and other top officials have been refusing to give us these numbers. take a listen. >> i want to give you reliable, confirmed data from every state and from the federal marketplace. we have said that we will do that on a monthly basis by the middle of the month. you will have that data, but i don't want to turn over anything that is not confirmed and reliable. >> reporter: now, the next step in all of this is that the administ
of years ago, because he showed up with obama during that storm, you've got the romney end of the party and others who are still holding grudges against him for that. and in addition, you've got the issues of the conservative next to the moderates and you're still going to have that issue of can the republican party stand for what they want to stand for and broaden themselves? that's what they say they learned the lessons of two years ago. if they do that, then christie can come into the center. if they don't and they continue in the right wing vein they have, it's going to be difficult for him to get the nomination. >> primaries are different animals. >> absolutely. >> and they're different animals in the republican party. >> and animals must change their spots sometimes. >> absolutely. >> we'll talk about the tint a little bit later. >>> next, biden versus clinton. a dive into how the new revelations of how the 2012 election could still haunt them in 2016. my customers can shop around-- see who does good work and compare costs. it doesn't usually work that way with health care. but wi
please, what were you going to say? >> somehow mitt romney lost that election. joy raised a great point, i thought, about the abortion debate for the pushback from pro-choice against pro-life is the issue of intrusion, you're intruding upon people's choices. for conservatives, the pushback against obama care is you're having the government intrude into your life when it comes to your health care choices. and getting a notice in the mail saying your health care policy is no longer applicable, void, doubled, tripled, what have you, this is the next thing to look forward to as we move beyond obama care in the next controversy what can government do next to come into your life, and one thing we kicked around in california, what you see sooner or later is universal preschool for kids, 4-year-old kid, 5-year-old kid and putting them into a state run system before they go into kindergarten. >> one push back on the insurance. it is not as if before the affordable care act passed your health insurance premiums never went up. like they go up all the time. this is something routine in the insuranc
, and it is not acceptable. >> reporter: today in boston at the very site where former governor mitt romney signed massachusetts's health care law, president obama will tout the benefits of the affordable care act, but it's his promises that have put the white house on the defensive. >> if you like your health care plan, you will be able to keep your health care plan. period. >> reporter: as nbc news has been reporting since monday, many americans who buy individual coverage have been notified that their current policy will be canceled or changed because it doesn't meet obama care's minimum standards. among the nearly 2 million facing the prospect of having to get new insurance, michael salamoni in st. louis. >> we were told to expect something, and right now they're really not, you know, meeting up to our expectations. >> but you say to nbc news, who says millions are going to lose their coverage? >> well, in all deference to the press corps, many of whom are here today, i think that it's important to be accurate about what is going on, and i would defer, again, to the president of the -- >> all
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